Commissioning the EthaNa pilot plant ahead of completion

On the basis of the extensive planning work of the partner B + B Engineering GmbH and with the input of the partners VetterTec GmbH and Miccra GmbH, the construction of the extraction and processing components at Fraunhofer CBP could already be started last year. Despite all the adversities of the past few months, the equipment assembly of all plant components was completed by the end of 2020 and the commissioning of the EthaNa pilot plant began. The basis of this was, among other things, the successful safety certification of the system for ATEX operation. With the completion of the commissioning and the first experimental campaigns, which are planned for the 3rd quarter of 2021, another important milestone in the joint project is to be reached.

We keep our fingers crossed for everyone involved to complete the commissioning successfully within the next few weeks.