FNR and BMEL approve EthaNa project extension until 2021

So far, the joint project EthaNa funded by the FNR from the BMEL has been carried out very successfully. With the construction and commissioning of the rapeseed dehulling plant in March 2019 at the Fraunhofer CBP, an important intermediate goal was achieved in the research project. Initial trial campaigns with the rapeseed dehulling plant have now been carried out and very good results have been achieved. The second and the third plant sections extraction and product separation, respectively, are currently being built up at the Fraunhofer CBP in Leuna. Trials with the new plant sections are planned in October 2020.

In parallel, the design and cost estimations for a first industrial plant takes place, with which the innovative process shall be established in the market.

„The great progress in the project, the good results from initial testing and the high potential for successfull commercialization of new products from the EthaNa process justifies the extension of the project until August 2021,“ means Dr. Ing. Fabian Steffler.